Human Centered Leaders
are the FUTURE
of Leadership

Are you going to be left behind?

“My life started to transform the moment I said yes to working with Cristina. In only 4 weeks, my feelings of anxiety had diminished and I developed the ability to be present in the now. I've learnt to be grateful and to see things without judgement, which may sound simple but it is incredibly powerful. Cristina’s guided meditations are mind blowing - do them regularly and transform from the inside out.”
Stephanie Wichmand
Senior consultant
“I have gained a compassionate perspective on stressful situations. I can't recommend Cristina enough! Her guided meditations helped me focus on the present moment and connect to myself. After each session, I felt more balanced and grounded to take intuitive actions that lead to incredibly positive results.

Trust Cristina, trust the process and do the work 🙂 ”
Andrea Mongrut-Steane
Recruitment speciaist

Most people don't quit their company…

They quit their boss, toxic work cultures and unsustainable lifestyles.

In times where talents are highly in demand – understanding the trends of the future world of work is key.

Trends that comprise hybrid working models, flexibility and strong focus on the employee experience

In this landscape, Emotionally Intelligent leaders will run with a huge competitive advantage

As they are equipped with the human skills required to navigate the squeeze between employees’ expectations and business needs.

  • To ensure a robust culture of trust and human connection even in remote settings.
  • To create high performing teams even when broadly diverse.
  • To establish solid strategies to ensure well-being.

1:1 Experiential Leadership
Coaching Program

Develop mind skills such as Self-Awareness,
Focus and Calm, Empathy and Compassion
and improve both performance and well-being

Team Training Sessions

Learn the key foundations of Neuroscience
and Mindfulness and their application to improve
cognitive performance, create trust and more.

This is what happens next:

  1. When you click on the button “Book a FREE Call”, I get back to you within 48h and we book a time in the calendar (after a brief pre-qualifying survey).

  2. We discuss your specific challenges and what you want to achieve, and I will let you know how I see my services being the right match for you and your organisation.

  3. If we both agree, I send you a brief proposal that we review together. And… we are ready to embark on on a fun, cooperative relationship that will transform you and your business

For the visionary
leader or HR head

who understands

that human skills

are the key to

meet the future

world of work.

The current models of work are no longer sustainable

Spending the most part of our time in meetings, solving problems and overworking at the expense of our well-being is manifesting in an epidemic of of stress and mental health issues.

The good part is, that this is leading to the emergence of new, more conscious paradigms of work and leadership:

  • Recognition and a Sense of Purpose are winning over big pay checks.

  • Flexibility is winning over corporate perks.

  • Personal values are changing… not everyone is willing to pay the price of a “life not fully lived” in exchange for a brilliant career

But… if you are stuck
in micromanagement
or you believe that
soft skills is just fluffy
I’ll be honest: we may
not be a good match.


If you are the visionary Leader or Head of HR who:

Knows the importance of self-awareness, empathy and compassion as key qualities for good leadership.

Fosters Creativity and Innovation in the workforce.

Sees Trust and Human Connection as the key to succeeding in business.

Together we can
build new Sustainable Leadership Paradigms

I have helped some awesome companies:

Hosted sessions for groups of HR Business Partners and Learning & Development Professionals in big corporations…

And coached leaders to be more mindful for 6+ years.


Born and raised in Northern Spain and having had my family residence in Mallorca for ten years, I have learned to go out in the cold in Copenhagen, enjoyed the sunrise on my way to work in a Brazilian city for two years and retook French lessons for survival reasons during my two years in France.

I am also a mum of two adorable girls and cherish my family, reading latin American literature and recharging with good friends and big laughs.

I am an incurable dreamer, futurist and creative. I have big visions of positively impacting the world through human leadership. Though for me nothing goes ahead of Well Being.

Now on to the professional and academic stuff:

I have experience as Technical Project Manager, Team Leader in Production environments and Global Program Manager within Training and Competence Development.

I have a Msc. in Industrial Engineering, I am certified as Transformational Coach and most recently as a NeuroMindfulness Master Practitioner.

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