The Outsmarting Busyness Challenge


Are you a busy leader wondering about the meaning with all this daily rat race? Do you secretly consider to quit your job or take a turn on your life, but don't dare to tell anyone?
Is personal development and spiritual growth your current obsession?
Would you like to have more TIME for yourself, but don't know how you can possibly create it with so many demands pulling in all directions?
Are you craving more moments of peace; sipping in your coffee, meditating, reading a good book, having more blank time slots?


The current work and societal dynamics based on being overly busy, constantly bombed by information, stimuli and social media impressions, with no time to "empty" our minds, restitute and regain clarity...


The world is calling for new paradigms of work and leadership.

And it all starts with you. Empowering yourself to live with intention and consciously design the way you spend your precious time and personal resources.

This is why I have created this program. For the visionary, conscious leaders that want to BE the change and mark a transition point for themselves and the new generations to come.

Here you will find absolutely everything you need to create a life of Balance and Meaning, without compromising on your ambitions.

And this is where we'll start:

When you join this program, you will be automatically signed up for the 21-day Outsmarting Busyness Challenge.

21 emails coming in daily, with a 15 minutes exercise where you will be guided, step-by-step, into implementing the exact inner transformative practices, time management tools and empowering daily habits that you need to spend your precious time with self-awareness and brilliance:

  • Transform your beliefs about Time and adopt a new mindset where time feels abundant and being here&now becomes your productivity super power.

  • Get clarity on your life's purpose and the impact you want to make with your existence, so that prioritizing becomes natural, without Fear Of Missing Out.

  • Learn to define your Top 3 priorities, understand how to structure the available time in the day and make sure you schedule your tasks according to your peak performance cycles.

  • Learn a simple method for weekly and daily planning, so all you have left is to be present, FOCUS and enjoy.

  • Learn to master your emotions to cope with resistant thoughts or unexpected events, so that you bounce back on track when your child gets ill, you get stuck in traffic or any other cute surprise from life comes out of the blue.

  • Learn to tap into your intuition and understand that there's an energetic timing for things, two concepts you don't learn in other Time Management courses. When you understand there's an infinite source of wisdom within you, and some higher forces at play, you remove the load from your shoulders of having to do it all and the exhausting need of having to have everything under control.

  • Install powerful morning and evening routines and set yourself up for success, every single day.

  • Gain lots of minutes - if not hours - for YOURSELF every week.
And that's only the beginning, because this is a full - on experience with personalized, caring support all the way till your Sustainable Balanced Lifestyle

- A Stock of more Special Content based on Neuroscience and Mindfulness, that I will be pulling out personally for you to fit your individual needs. For Example: The 6 ways to beat Procrastination, The neuroscience of Habit Creation, The Immunity Map Method to make change sustainable, Pranayama and Meditation exercises to anchor yourself quick and easy in the present moment, reduce overwhelm, and much more!

- Three 1:1 calls with me (60 minutes): A first call to draw your unique personal strategy, a second one to follow up and unblock any difficulty, and a third one to make sure you're great to go on your own by the end of the program.

- LIVE group calls for real time coaching, Q&A, and getting work DONE.

- A Community where to share all successes, get continuous support and inspire each other. What opportunities can bring to be part of an international network of like minded conscious leaders?

- Special BONUSES that will be released throughout the program in partnership with other thought leaders in the fields of Breathing, Well-Being, Mindfulness, Neuroscience (keeping the surprise effect for a short moment here, but I can already say that you will LOVE them).


This is how it works

You get 3 months of full access to all services described above, from the moment you join the program.

We book your first 1:1 call straight away to get crystal clear on your goals and your biggest challenges and draw a strategy so that you focus your efforts on the absolutely most value adding techniques for you.

You'll have access to an online group and LIVE calls with me where I will be guiding you and providing personalized support along the way, and you will be inspired and supported by a community of other Time Conscious leaders. 

Your questions answered fast.

I'll make sure your mindset is at its peak, that you believe in yourself and that you are inspired and in flow. And when the emotional downs or tiredness hit, we'll rise back gently, lovingly and stronger.

This program is NOT about adding more stuff to your to-do list, quite the opposite...

It is about Simplifying your life and integrating simple habits that will create profound transformation in the way you spend your time and personal resources.

This is NOT a promise of a perfect life in 3 months and forever more...

Honestly, that would just be a bad marketing trick, or you would simply think is too good to be true and walk away from this page.

But what this is, is a promise that in 3 months you will walk away with:

 * CLARITY about what's really important in your life and how you can create the highest impact that you desire, aka a life of MEANING.

 * A new mindset and understanding that you are built-in with an infinite source of inner wisdom, intuition and creative resources that you can tap into at any time, and how to do so.

* Implemented routines to plan your week, your day and integrate well being activities on a regular basis.

* Implemented habits or rituals that will protect your cognitive energy, increase your physical well being and boost your productivity.

* An increased level of self-awareness and methods of coping with your emotions so that you can bounce back whenever you lose the grip and fall back into your old patterns.

We will work with 1-3 changes at a time. Easy. Focused. Seeing Results.

And finally, you'll be perfectly equipped to continue working on your best life on your own and handle all the ups and downs on the road ahead. And that in it self, is called SUSTAINABILITY, and is Priceless...

When having a successful career is ingrained with being overly busy, we lose touch with ourselves and progressively navigate away from a life FULLY LIVED.

Don't let it be too late.

Your physical and mental well-being may be at stake.

It is time install the New Paradigms of Work and Leadership and BE the change that the world is desperately needing.

How would it feel if you could live an every-day by design?

With sufficient time for self-care, family, creative projects, your bucket list.

Being able to leave earlier from work, yet having accomplished more of what's really important.

Feeling in mental and emotional control of your life and the way you spend your time. You on top of your schedule, not the other way around.

Having energy for the whole of your day, also beyond the moment you leave the office.

Having planning strategies and daily habits in place to make sure the way you spend your time is beautifully aligned with your life's purpose and your unique talents. 

Focused execution of your task, Here & Now, with the knowing that what you are doing is consciously chosen, and without the restlessness of thinking that you should be doing 100 other things instead.

Reduce those stressful, constantly returning thoughts, on whether you should quit your job, or how to really thrive in your professionally without compromising on your well-being and fun. Let the answers come to you through your intuition, in a gentle way, without the pressure and mental suffering.

Being in tune with your true self and knowing how to tap into your intuition to make decisions and navigate unexpected events with wisdom and perspective.

Your Investment

This 3-month, all-included Group Program has a price of:

1.500 EUR or 3 payments of 560 EUR.

Be one of the first 5 to join and SAVE 25%:

1.125 EUR or 3 payments of 440 EUR.

Any Questions or Need for Advice?

I am right here! Write me an email to or PM me on my Linkedin or Instagram and I will caringly guide you on whether this program is the right fit for you.

Concerned about the investment? Let me know and let's unveil the fears or beliefs that may be holding you back from living your best life. You don't deserve any less…


"It is not only a matter of which tasks to be done which day - now I can clearly see the benefit on picking the best time for some of my activities.  Also a powerful tool to see my real available time - and to be very aware of the time-thieves"

- Patricia

" I've always been very stressed with work and university until I met Cristina. I was able to change my negative thoughts about “not having enough time”, I have learned how to prioritize, and as a result I am not stressed anymore."

- Rachele