1:1 Coaching
- a Transformational Process

My coaching is a blend of Mindfulness, Neuroscience and my unique personal Wisdom and Experience.

Enhance your human leadership qualities and position yourself as a sought-after leader in the future world of work.

It is not random that I call my coaching program "experiential". I do that, because it is much more than just talking.

Too much talking can, indeed, become counter productive, as it goes to strengthen even more our rational mind, adding more layers to the existing layers of thoughts and pushing us away from our body and self-awareness.

Embodying the present moment experience, working with your breath to activate the parasympathetic nervous system or immersing in deep meditative states are part of the integral experience of coaching with me.

My coaching is a combination of inner work, understanding of neuroscience and mindfulness principles and how to specifically apply them to you real life challenges as a leader.

This combination is designed to develop the key qualities of the mind that make outstanding human leaders, and to create a personal transformation far beyond the duration of the program.

What benefits can you expect?

These are examples of areas of work that we will prioritize according to your specific needs:

A higher degree of

Develop mind qualities such as Empathy and Compassion

A Calm Mind & improved Emotional Regulation



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And how it will help them!  

You can also look forward to get:

  • Focused Attention & improved Cognitive Performance

  • Enhanced Communication Skills to deliver your message in an assertive, yet caring way, specially in difficult conversations.

  • Understanding of the neural mechanisms that create Trust and Human Connection

  • An overall improved sense of Well Being
  • A deepened sense of meaning and Leadership Purpose

All qualities listed are trainable through specific and simple practices that you will be able to continue doing on your own going forward.

What is included?

This is an individual 4 month program that includes:





  • A questionnaire and brief call to align on your goals.

  • A 2h "Setting the Foundations" class where you will learn the principles of the human mind and the neuroscience concepts relevant to your goals.

  • 6x 1:1 coaching sessions

  • UNLIMITED coaching support via voice message for the whole duration of the program.

  • All practices, templates and uniquely guided recorded meditations, yours for life.

  • My recommendations of books, resources, retreats, courses and access to everyone in my network.